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Message from Past Director, Engr. H.O.B LAWAL
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Dear Conference Chair PID Alexis and great Lions of Africa,

Please accept my congratulations on the occasion of our 23 rd All Africa Lions Conference taking place in Lomé, Togo, 31st January to 3rd February 2018.

That the Lomé conference is the first AAC in our 2nd Century of service, no doubt imposes a lot of responsibilities on us in the areas of cohesion, expansion and improved service delivery. In our first century of service, lions all over the world were able to keep faith with our motto – WE SERVE in all ramifications.

In our 2nd Century of service, we must strive for excellence as we continue to grow in the spirit of our WE SERVE motto and our centennial mantra – WHERE THERE IS A NEED, THERE IS A LION. In this connection, it must be emphasized that our Global Action Team is a 3 in 1 veritable tool whose resources must be fully tapped for the accomplishment of our service goal within the context of LCI’s Global Service

Framework, viz:

(i.) Increasing membership of the Association progressively from 1.5 million this year to 1.7 million in year 2020. Needless to mention that Africa has been challenged to attain the 30,000 membership mark to qualify for the status of a Constitutional Area of LCI this year.

(ii.) Progressive training of Lions from 350,000 this year to over 500,000 by the year 2020.

(iii.) Radical and qualitative improvement of our service delivery especially in the areas of Diabetes, vision, environment, pediatric cancer and hunger, to cover about 170 million people this year, which will progressively increase to 200 million people annually in the year 2020.

(iv.) Enhancing the awareness of lions in our LCIF program by getting lions to individually subscribe a minimum of US$2.00 per week to LCIF, i.e. average minimum of $100 per annum, thereby giving US$150m per annum optimally by 1.5m lions in our Association.

(v.) Massive mobilization and participation of Lions in the Global LCIF Capital Fundraising Campaign so that Africa can occupy its pride of place in the comity of Constitutional Areas that will contribute to the US$300 million target.

The Lomé conference is also offering us a very good opportunity in self and service improvement as a major overhaul of the AAC Agreement is in the offing that will upgrade AAC to a Forum, preparatory to our attainment of Africa Constitutional Area.

Finally, I wish to heartily congratulate ID Hastings Chiti who will officially be taking over at this conference as Chairman Africa Leadership/Conference. I wish him a successful tenure which will usher in a new era of Africa Constitutional Area.
With best wishes for a resoundingly successful conference, I remain

Lion (Engr.) H.O.B. Lawal
Past International Director 2009 – 2011

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